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Ayurveda Churnams

Dried raw powders that improves the internal organs functions.
5% Off SKM Sitopaladhi Chooranam image SKM Sitopaladhi Chooranam - 500g
Rs. 807.50
Rs. 850
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5% Off SKM Trikadugu Chooranam image SKM Trikadugu Chooranam - 500g
Rs. 997.50
Rs. 1,050
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5% Off SKM Pushyanuga Chooranam image SKM Pushyanuga Chooranam - 500g
Rs. 912
Rs. 960
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5% Off SKM Kolakulathadi Chooranam image SKM Kolakulathadi Chooranam - 500g
Rs. 399
Rs. 420
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5% Off SKM Karpuradi Chooranam image SKM Karpuradi Chooranam - 50g
Rs. 66.50
Rs. 70
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Siddha Chooranams

The powders and mixtures of the traditional medicinal system.


Detoxifies, rejuvenate and improves the immune system.

Herbal Soaps

Free from harsh chemicals, gives you glow and all-day fragrance!

Health Supplements

Boost your health in a natural way.
10% Off Herbodaya Horse Gram Juice image Herbodaya Horse Gram Juice - 500ml
Rs. 130.50
Rs. 145
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10% Off Herbodaya Kabasura Kashayam image Herbodaya Kabasura Kashayam - 200ml
Rs. 112.50
Rs. 125
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10% OffSugar-free! Herbodaya Aloe Vera Juice image Herbodaya Aloe Vera Juice - 500ml
Rs. 144
Rs. 160
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Siddha Legiyam

Mixture of herbs with ghee, and Honey or Jaggery that cures many diseases.